Approval of “Center for Advanced Genomic Field Science” (23 July 2019)

On 23 July 2019, Kyoto University officially approved the “Center for Advanced Genomic Field Science” and it will soon be launched to represent one of eleven on-site laboratories. The Center will be jointly organized by Kyoto University and Makelere University and, at the initiative of Takeshi Furuichi, Professor of Primate Research Institute, it is expected to promote advanced research combining field research and genetic science for animals and plants.

Makerele University is the highest level in the Republic of Uganda, one of the oldest universities in East Africa, and has been actively collaborating with Kyoto University in many fields. Specifically, since Primate Research Institute launched a wild chimpanzee survey in 1992, both institutions have built a close relationship and, in 2015, concluded a Memorandum of Understanding for Academic Cooperation and Exchange. With the establishment of the Center, it is strongly expected that the traditions of genetics and physiological research will be cross-over to make further development of joint research activities.



Newly approved On-site Labotarories

Makerele University

A scene of signing ceremony of Memorandum of Understanding