International Symposium on African Potentials and the Future of Humanity












International Symposium on African Potentials and the Future of Humanity will take place at Inamori Foundation Memorial Hall 3rd Floor, Large meeting room (333), Kyoto University, from 09:30am on 27 January 2019. The lecture is open to public.


Sunday 27 January 2019, from 09:30-17:50


Large meeting room (333) on 3rd floor of Inamori Foundation Memorial Hall, Kyoto University
(46 Shimoadachi-cho, Yoshida)


9:30-9:40 Opening Remarks: Motoji Matsuda (Kyoto University) 

9:40-11:40 Session 1: Governmentality & African Potentials

1-1. Daniel Agbiboa (George Mason University)

       Eyes on the Streets: The Civilian Joint Task Force and the Surveillance of Boko Haram in Northeastern Nigeria

1.2. Tamara Enomoto (Meiji University)

       Africa and the West: Norms and Measures Regarding Arms Transfers to Non-State Actors (NSAs)

1.3. Atsuko Munemura (Kansai University)

       Remuneration for “Her” Skill under Job Color Bar: Wage Structure during the 1942 Strike in Rural Western Cape

1-4. Teshome Emana (Addis Ababa University)

       Using Traditional Cultural Framework of an African Society to Conceptualize Modern Governance


13:00-15:00  Session 2: Culturality & African Potentials

2-1. Antoine Socpa (University of Yaounde)

       Patterns of Coexistence and Conflict Resolution between Fishermen Communities from Cameroon, Benin and Nigeria

2-2. Toshio Meguro (Hiroshima City University)

       Misrepresentation and Appropriation of Cultural “Innovation” by Neoliberal Conservation Alliance: The Case of the Maasai Olympics

2-3. Frank Matose (University of Cape Town)

       The Militarisation of Conservation in Africa: Emerging Insights

2-4. Wakana Shiino (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)

       The House Girl by Choice or the Circumstances in Kenya and Uganda


15:20-17:20  Session 3: Conviviality & African Potentials

3-1. Shose Kessi (University of Cape Town)

       Towards a Pan-African Psychology: Defining and Confining Symbols of the Past

3-2. Shuichiro Nakao (Osaka University)  

       African Plurilingual Tradition and Conviviality: Lessons from Non-Arab Arabic-speaking Communities in Eastern Africa

3-3. Kyoko Nakamura (Toyo University)

       Local Recognition Alienated from Global Discourse: Changes in Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting in a Kenyan Pastoral Community

3-4. Kazuro Shibuya (Hiroshima University)

       Households and Collectives in Participatory School Management in Ghana: Focusing on the Analytical Framework of Conviviality

17:20-17:50  Wrap-up Meeting


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Grant in Aid for Scientific Research (S) Project: No.16H06318 “African Potentials” and overcoming difficulties of modern world: Comprehensive area studies that will provide a new perspectives for the future of humanity

Grant in Aid for Scientific Research (A) Project: No.16H01940 “Colonial mobilization during World War II: Soldiers, labourers and women”


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