Study in Kyoto

In its endeavour to promote internationally competitive academic research, provide world-class education programs to cultivate outstanding international human resources and thereby contribute to the international society based on academic freedom the Kyoto University is eagerly encouraging an international atmosphere. Therefore the Kyoto University is inviting foreign students from all over the world to study and research at Kyoto and profit from its strengths and benefits while contributing to the exchange of knowledge and ideas.


Why choose Kyoto?


For additional convincing reasons please visit our “Why Kyoto University?“-Page.


Introduction to Kyoto University




  1. Cutting-Edge Research Hub
  2. World-Class Education Programs
  3. Study in Kyoto – Japans Heartland of Culture and Learning



As an exchange student you will profit from the

  • ability to freely follow your academic interests and excel your knowledge in your own field of specialization.
  • beneficial instructor-student-ratio of 1 to 6.
  • over 42 research facilities in Japan and the network of over 50 research facilities all over the world.
  • wide-range of academic research field.


Basic Guide Lines and Information

Support and Student Life

Kyoto University’s Admissions Guide for International Applicants

Kyoto University Education and Student Support

Admissions Guide for International Applicants(Monbukagakusho, Privately Financed, Exchange, Short-Term Students)

Organizations Supporting International Students


(for Students and Researchers going to Kyoto University including Information on Visa, Insurance, etc.)

Handbook for International Students

Handbook for International Researchers


Financial Matters


Tuition, tuition waivers and living expenses