The Kyoto University Africa Office is an overseas office opened in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Two existing organizations, the Center for African Area Studies (hereafter “Africa Center”) and the Interdisciplinary Unit for African Studies (hereafter “African Unit”), which consists of members of 10 departments within the university, are jointly responsible for management of the office.

The African Center was established in 1986. The Center is known for its  unique approach to African area studies featuring interdisciplinary and field-oriented research. The African Unit connects more than 60 African researchers enrolled in multiple departments within the university and serves as a hub for the university’s African researchers and students. By jointly operating the African Office, the two organizations have established a system that comprehensively supports a range research, education, and international service activities in Africa while inheriting the long-standing tradition of African studies within the university. International Strategy Office and Research Administration Office will also support the management of the office through regular meetings.

■ Africa Office

Full-time faculty members of the African Center serve concurrently as the director of the office, an office manager, and two vice managers.  A research fellow from the African Center stays at the office in Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia, working with one local staff.

■ Regular meetings

Regular meetings are held with the Africa Unit, Africa Center, International Strategy Office, and Research Administration Office as a platform for formulating policies and plans for the management of the office and sharing information among the people concerned.

■ Support from the International Strategy Office/Research Administration Office

The staff of the International Strategy Office and the Research Administration Office support the activities of the Africa office inside and outside the university as needed.