Established in July 2016 under Center for the Promotion of Interdisciplinary Education and Research, Kyoto University Interdisciplinary Unit for African Studies or Kyoto University Africa Unit (KUAA) connects research, education, and international service activities across graduate schools and research institutes  related to Africa.  The Unit serves as a hub for researchers and students who carry out research in or on Africa. 

The Unit’s core members are comprised of seven graduate schools and three research institutes within Kyoto University. By fostering coordination and collaboration across the university, the Unit will actively disseminate information on its activities and expand its academic network as the university’s liaison organization for Africa. 

Specifically, by coordinating stakeholders inside and outside the university, the Unit will:

  1. Organize monthly meetings with representatives from the graduate schools and research institutes,
  2. Make plans and actions in coordination with the International Strategy Office of the university’s headquarter, and
  3. Manage Kyoto University Alumni Association (KUAAA), collect and disseminate relevant information on Africa, and provide one-stop services as a liaison office of Kyoto University for African and Japanese societies in general.