• ”Kyoto University and Africa" Published!
  • Movie: “Kyoto University and Africa: Challenges of Fieldworkers”
  • Kyoto U Research News 2017 Spring Issue has a special article titled "Kyoto into Africa."
  • Samburu youth(Moran) in Kenya
  • Samburu, Kenya
  • The market in the southwest Ethiopia
  • To line up cows, Hamar Ethiopia
  • Matengopit,
    Protection of the soil against crosion by intercepting runoff.
  • The disciples pray for the God in the holy city Touba of Islamic brotherhood Murid .
    The disciple is reading Qur’an on the apps with his tablet.
  • The fresh market in Nord Foire in Dakar, Senegal
  • A festival at a shrine in Imerina, Madagascar
  • Propithecus at Ankarafantsika National Park, Madagascar
  • Women in Ethiopia
  • In the course of following two chimpanzee mothers and their children.
    (Mahale Mountains National Park, Tanzania)
  • At the village of Jinka, Ethiopia
  • Farmers in Mbeya Region, Tanzania. Ploughing a paddy field with cows
  • Hausa farmers and Fulbe herders, Republic of Niger
    Prevention of conflicts and development of projects aimed at the coexistence