Kyoto University has actively engaged in wide-ranging research and educational activities in Africa for the past half century. Ranging from civil engineering to primatology, the uniqueness of the university’s academic engagement is its “interdisciplinary” approach that integrates different theoretical perspectives and empirical methods to solve both academic and social issues. 

Kyoto University Interdisciplinary Unit for African Studies, or Kyoto University Africa Unit (KUAA) in short, is the first university-wide organization that effectively integrates faculty members,  students, and other related members who are involved in Africa but divided by departmental barriers in Kyoto University. Established in July 2016, the Unit aims at achieving the following three objectives for the next two academic years:

  1. Develop a university-wide organization and work toward establishment of an overseas center in Africa
  1. Lead efforts to collect relevant information from across the University, and make it available for Africa-related research and education
  1. Function as a contact point for Africa and expand networks with alumni associations, partner universities, and governmental organizations in Africa