MOU signed between Kyoto University and Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania (May 20, 2019)

On May 20, 2019, Kyoto University signed an academic exchange agreement with Sokoine University of Agriculture in Tanzania. Center for African Area Studies led the effort to conclude the agreement together with Graduate School of Agriculture, Graduate School of Global Environment Studies, and Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies.

Sokoine Agricultural University (SUA), or its predecessor the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Dar es Salaam, was established in 1970 in Morogoro, Tanzania. The university has become one of the nation’s leading national universities in the fields of agriculture, forestry and veterinary medicine. World Bank has selected SUA’s African Center of Excellence in Innovative Rodent Management and Biosensor Technology Development for its higher education programs. SUA’s delegation visited Kyoto University in October 2018 when World Bank organized a tour in Japan.

Kyoto University has active academic exchange with SUA through JICA’s international projects, joint research, and mutual exchange of students. At the time when JICA implemented the research cooperation project, “Mombo Wood Land Integrated Agriculture Ecology Survey” (FY 1994-1997), and technical cooperation project, “Sokoine University of Agriculture, Regional Development Center in the United Republic of Tanzania” (FY 1999-2004) , many faculty members from Center for African Area Studies and Graduate School of Agriculture visited the university as long-term or short-term experts under the leadership of Prof. Makoto Kakeya, a professor emeritus at Center for African Area Studies. Such technical corporation continues even today as Professor Juichi Itani from Center for Africa Studies leads joint research in the fields of rural development, ecological preservation, and regional industry promotion. Prof. Itani has especially worked on the product development of bamboo liquor, a unique alcoholic beverage locally produced in Morogoro.  In addition, Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies continues student exchange through its graduate school programs.  Led by the current dean, Prof. Shin’ya Funakawa, who also serves as faculty at  Graduate School of Agriculture, the Graduate School has been involved with “Kyoto University Japan Gateway Program” since 2015.  As part of its environmental science field, the Graduate School has organized International Spring School every year, and invited two graduate students from SUA so far.

Prof. David Mhando, who graduated from Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies and currently teaches at SUA, worked together to conclude the agreement. Kyoto University is hoping to promote more active academic exchange with SUA in the future.

Sokoine University of Agriculture

JICA’s Internatoinal Conference hosted by SUA in 2004

Prof. Kitabatake, a former professor at Graduate School of Agriculture, giving a presentation at the conference